Here is a general process for changing the side mirror glass on a vehicle:

  1. Locate the fasteners or clips that hold the mirror glass in place. These may be located on the back of the mirror housing or along the edges of the glass.

  2. Carefully remove the fasteners or clips using a small flathead screwdriver or a trim tool. Take care not to damage the fasteners or the mirror housing.

  3. Once the fasteners or clips are removed, gently pull the mirror glass away from the housing. If the glass is stuck, use a rubber suction cup or a pry tool to gently lift and remove it.

  4. Clean the back of the new mirror glass and the front of the mirror housing with a cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

  5. Position the new mirror glass in the mirror housing, making sure it is aligned properly.

  6. Secure the mirror glass in place using the fasteners or clips that were removed earlier.

  7. Test the mirror to make sure it is properly secured and functions correctly.

Note: The process for changing the mirror glass may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. It is recommended to consult the owner's manual or a repair manual for specific instructions.

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